DotNetRocks Episode: Amazon vs Azure

June 8th, 2010 |
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I recorded a DotNetRocks episode a couple weeks ago that just went live.  It ended up taking a different direction than I planned, but hopefully you still find a lot of valuable content in there.  Primarily it’s about the pros/cons of Amazon and Azure and will help guide you in your decision of an IaaS solution (Amazon Web Services, GoGrid, FlexiScale, etc) or PaaS (Azure, Google App Engine, etc).

If your looking for more information on the topic you might want to check out my Cloud Computing presentation slide deck or the articles I have written on Amazon Web Services.

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Central Coast Code Camp 2010

May 23rd, 2010 |

The 3rd somewhat annual Central Coast Code Camp has concluded.  This was my first year being involved in the organization, and while it was a lot of fun, I’m exhausted.

Thanks to Peter Kellner we have some pictures of the event.

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Free Edition of Hyper-V

May 18th, 2010 |

It’s technically called Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2.  That’s why I call it the free edition of Hyper-V.

What you get is an ISO that will install Windows Server 2008 R2 Core edition running Hyper-V.  The license for that is 100% free.  If you install a guest running Windows you will need a license for the guest, but if all you did was install Linux guests you could have a 100% licensing cost free environment.

Realistically if you are a windows shop you are going to be buying datacenter licenses for the physical CPU’s to cover an unlimited number of guests.  And if you are not a windows shop you are not going to be using Hyper-V for no other reason than it does not have great Linux support yet.  But if you just want to look at Hyper-V or use it in a lab environment this edition of Hyper-V can come in quite handy.

And yes this blog post is mostly here so I can find the download page in the future.  If you can find it on your own within five minutes then I am impressed.

Code Camp Speaker Reviews

March 25th, 2010 |

One more blog post where I am just linking to someone else.  But again I think the quality of this link warrants it.

I recently attended the NYC Code Camp which was an excellent experience for me and was a very well run code camp.

Stephen Bohlen wrote an excellent article about the review system they used and the benefits it had over other review systems I have been subjected a part of at various events.

As a speaker getting good honest feedback is very hard.  One of the things I really liked about their system is I was able to see my reviews in comparison to the other reviews that attendee gave.  So it helped me put in perspective the feedback I received.  For example if the feedback I get from a particular attendee is much better (or much worse) than the general feedback given to the other speakers then I know it is significant.  If an attendee says all the sessions are great than I know that he is just being nice.

I also received much more tangible and actionable feedback than I normally do.  On a “normal” review I will get one actionable comment (eg The way you demonstrated x was good/bad or if you would have done y I think I would have followed along with z better) for every 50 reviews.  I would say that 1 out of 10 from this system gave me actionable feedback.  Of course maybe that is the difference between New York and California cultures also 🙂

If your involved in organizing technical events or speak at technical events I highly recommend you read the article NYC CodeCamp Winter 2010: Session Evaluation Process, Results, and Conclusions.

Technet Edge Video: Azure Overview for IT Pros

March 22nd, 2010 |

Since Twitter came along I no longer need to use my blog for posting links to great content on the web.  However this Technet Edge Video does such a great job of explaining Windows Azure to IT Pros and the role that IT Pros will continue to have in the era of cloud computing I had to post it.

I recently wrote an article Does Cloud Computing Mean You Are Out of Work? While at the MVP Summit I briefly had the chance to discuss this issue with the interviewer in the video, Joey Snow.  Windows Azure, along with cloud computing in general, is causing significant concern among the IT Pro community regarding their future career paths.  If you are an IT Pro do yourself a favor and watch this video to get up to speed on Windows Azure and your role in it.

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