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Comparing Features Physical/Virtual/Cloud Environments

I’m preparing a talk called Can Cloud Computing Save the World? so I have been doing some research around the comparison of features between physical servers, virtual servers, and cloud services.  To a certain extent this data collection is vulnerable to individual bias so I wanted to get some feedback to see if I’m missing […]

Amazon Elastic Load Balancer Setup

As I previously wrote about, Amazon announced a load balancing solution called Elastic Load Balancer.  While this may prove to be a great addition to AWS currently none of the GUI tools (including the AWS Console provided by Amazon) have built in functionality to create ELB instances. So I became motivated to finally get comfortable […]

Setting Up EC2 Command Line Tools on Windows

There are some great GUI tools for working with EC2 services such as ElasticFox and AWS Management Console. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  However sometimes you need to use the command line tools because you want to script a task, or access features that a GUI tool doesn’t provide access to.  For […]

Amazon Releases Load Balancing

This morning Amazon announced the availability of a Load Balancing service for their EC2 cloud environment.  This was announced in conjunction with a monitoring service and a auto scaling service. First of all their load balancing solution, Elastic Load Balancing, costs $0.025 per hour for each Elastic Load Balancer plus $0.008 per GB of data […]

Load Balancing IIS Web Farm on Amazon EC2

I was recently asked about load balancing IIS web farms in Amazon EC2.  In a traditional web farm (meaning hardware in a datacenter) you would do one of the following: Windows Load Balancing Service (WLBS) Hardware Load Balancer (F5, CoyotePoint, etc) Windows Load Balancing Service is nice because it does not require any extra equipment […]