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DotNetRocks Episode: Amazon vs Azure

I recorded a DotNetRocks episode a couple weeks ago that just went live.  It ended up taking a different direction than I planned, but hopefully you still find a lot of valuable content in there.  Primarily it’s about the pros/cons of Amazon and Azure and will help guide you in your decision of an IaaS […]

Screencast – Networking for Developers

As promised here is the screencast of my Networking for Developers presentation.  I recorded this with Carl Franklin for DnrTV. Play Video

Welcome DotNetRocks Listeners

If you found us through DotNetRocks I wanted to extend a special welcome. I recorded the episode several weeks ago and since then have been working hard on the site to make sure everything is ready to go for the airing of this episode. If you did not get here from DotNetRocks you should go […]