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Windows Server Core: Installing ADDS Role

Windows Server Core is a great option for your domain controllers.  Generally speaking domain controllers should not be doing anything else and are rarely logged into interactively anyways.  However promoting a machine to a domain controller from the command line is not as intuitive as it could should be. This article is also very helpful […]

Windows Server Core: Installing Roles & Features

Once you have joined your Windows Server 2008 R2 machine to the domain you are ready to install roles and features.  Normally you would do this through server manager but in core there is no GUI so there is no server manager. Roles and Features Available to Install To get a list of roles and […]

Windows Server Core: SConfig

One of the big challenges with installing Windows Server Core is that after the installation you are presented with this: Even if you are comfortable on the windows command line (and let’s be honest here) most of us (pretty close to all of us) would be hard pressed to even set an IP address.  With […]

Windows Server Core: Overview

Beginning with Windows Server 2008 Microsoft offered the option to install the operating system without large parts of the graphical user interface (GUI).  This means when you logon to the server all you get is a command line prompt.  There is no Windows Explorer, no start menu and no Internet Explorer among others.  You want […]